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Good question and got me thinking. My examples are -

Outcome goals - participating in interesting / social MTB races with the goal to finish and enjoy, not to place. Examples - rode the 4 day Wildside race in Tasmania around 10 years ago. Enjoyed it and was stoked to have finished and not be picked up by the sweeper team, although my time would have been second place if I had been in the over 65 ladies band. Also 'competed' in the singlespeed worlds in NZ in 2010 which was awesome, although dropped out after a lap to enjoy the ambience & beer.

Process goals - Will ride or practice x times a week. I generally fail on those within the first week, although I did manage to keep it going for the last practice jam.

Performance goals - not something I ever really give myself to be honest. I generally suck at riding bikes so tend to avoid setting challenges that I'll fail at because that takes the joy out of riding for me. And yes - that's an attitude I'm working on sorting out :)

Happy for you to use those, but you may want to take the self-loathing out *lol*

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ASAP this spring, I'd like to ride my ebike down the "Switchback Bypass" (a Black Diamond, a continuous series of 5 rolls with direction changes). I built this feature but havn't ridden it yet.


I need to have reliable control here as the potential for injury is high. Bompproof.....


The feature can't be divided into sections to be sessioned. Once I drop in, I'll need to keep going. It's all going to be on the verge of "getting away".

I'll try to be really sneaky and get someone else to do it first -- so I can see where to work hardest.

Then, I'll find some similar features to work on the individual braking and steering challenges.

Putting it together will have to be a major part of the final run.........with a lot of safety margin conjured from somewhere.......

The real challenge is making the transition from regular to ebike. I find that my ebike is much slower to respond, so it's only recently that I've developed the confidence to try this feature.

I need to go slow......and get a lot of new mileage.

For me, because of the physical risk and the clear objective, my practice strategies seem to be super clear and integrated. Mainly needs Time In The Saddle.......

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