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Thanks Griff. We share a lot of the same influences both inside and outside the MTB world. I'm a huge fan of what GMB is delivering in terms of quality of movement and mobility.

Is using different bikes in a skills work session a legitimate way to add randomness the session? I've never tried it. I always use the same bike for the entire session.

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Whoa dude, this is wild. I’m gonna have to roll this around my processor a bit and consider how to incorporate this in both my coaching and my own learning techniques.

Thoughts I’ve had:

- performing video review on maybe a 10 minute interval instead of ever attempt or two

- providing clients with more time to “play” between feedback

- providing feedback via open-ended questions rather than direct instructional feedback

- in group lessons, letting riders pass through the training scenario multiple times and then taking a little longer with feedback, rather than trying to provide feedback on every pass for everyone

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Interesting post, and one that I think favours the RLC method of breaking down steps of any move into small discrete chunks. So instead of trying to figure out multiple moves & balance points whilst peering at a youtube video it means you can go out with a single clear & predefined goal (bring the wheel up, hit the balance point, break it down etc) and just repeat that move with intention and subsequent reflection.

Re the GMB video - I'm also a member (albeit I don't use it as much as I should) and I thoroughly respect their approach to the online fitness space. But it's worth bearing in mind that their business model includes post-session reflection / expert video review and they are in direct competition with 'real life' gyms that offer immediate feedback.

Finally one thing on the overnight transfer to long term memory - watched a podcast the other day that suggested that this is primarily driven by delta sleep and that delta sleep is heavily disrupted by alcohol. So not sure if it's true (and as a keen homebrewer I don't want it to be!) but that may be something to think about when picking your reward paths.

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