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My comprehensive comment has just been munched, so here's a brief summary:

You seem to be taking an Outside to Inside approach: you are consulting the experts, then conforming to them.

I prefer to define my own, unique, needs -- and then

peruse expert suggestions for possible useful tips.

My practice structure fits around trails and riding..........and THAT dictates resting.

"Long Term Memory" is the next ride.

"Short Term Memory" is the skill actually being used.

My "practice sessions" are usually short periods of time that become available.........tho I do have a custom jump line in my garden.

Some of my other comments were about motivation.

Going from this, maybe different, paradigm, I would therefore choose: "rest whenever it seemed indicated.".........dictated by the circumstances of the activity.

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Rusty, I think I'm trying to convey what the recent science seems to be saying about how to practice more effectively and then experiment to see if it works/makes sense to me.

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That makes sense.

What works for me personally is to wait until you have done the theoretical research for me, and sorted out the wheat from the chaff, and then distilled it through your remarkable experience (especially that horrendous curving skinny) and then suggested a MTB specific strategy.......and then I can try to apply it to my own unruly temperament.


Though I can't help recollecting the Old Sufi, Khayyam:-

Myself when young did eagerly frequent

Doctor and Sage, and heard great Argument

About it and about: but evermore

Came out by the same door as in I went................

Good Luck

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Thanks, Rusty. I'm glad to have your unruly temperament available!

Thanks for the clever Khayyam quote. It's probably true for many, but after many struggles and help from others, it's not true for me.

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