Science-based strategies to help you get better at practicing mountain biking skills

Thanks for checking out the MTB Practice Lab. I'm Griff Wigley, author, host, and coach, and I want to state right up front:

MTB Practice Lab is not your typical how-to-ride mountain biking publication.

It's unique?

Yes. 6 reasons:

  1. It's not about mountain bike riding skills and techniques.

  2. It's all about helping you learn how to get better at practicing mountain biking skills.

  3. I provide updates on the latest research from the world of neuroscience on learning how to learn sports-related skills (relevant to mountain biking).

  4. I will tell stories about how I'm trying to apply this knowledge to my practice routine and coaching strategies.

  5. I ask you to share your practicing-related stories with our growing community.

  6. I plan to turn this into a book and maybe an online course.

How do I know if this is right for me?

  • Do you have a busy life that doesn't allow much practice time?

  • Do you sometimes get frustrated trying to improve your skills via how-to videos on YouTube?

  • Have you attended an MTB skills clinic, camp, or class but found either that 1. you didn't quite learn the skills taught by the time the event ended, or 2. the skills you thought you learned didn't seem to 'stick' as much as you'd hoped in the weeks and months following?

  • Have you hit a frustrating plateau or even regressed at some of the skills you’re trying to improve?

  • Does the prospect of learning how to get better at practicing appeal to you?

If you can relate to any of those, stick around.

No how-to riding skills tips?


I. Won't. Be. Teaching. Mountain. Biking. Riding. Skills. 

I'll tell you how I'm going about my practicing and what results I'm experiencing along the way, good, bad, or ugly. 

But I won't be teaching you those skills. Instead, I'll be showing you my practicing strategies and routines so you can apply them to whatever skills you're currently working on.

(If it's lessons on riding-related techniques you're looking for, you'll need to go elsewhere. And of course, I'll have recommendations.)

Anything else that’s cool?

Though I write it, the newsletter is about creating a community for mountain bikers worldwide. So I encourage everyone to speak up in the comments of posts (or in replies back to me) with reactions, questions, suggestions, and responses to others.

Posting frequency?

I plan to create at least 50 posts annually, generally weekly. Some weeks I’ll miss due to travel or other demands, but I’ll catch up in subsequent weeks.

The cost?

MTB Practice Lab is currently free and not supported by advertising.

To receive the newsletter via email, consider becoming a free subscriber.

At some point, I’ll ask you to support my efforts by subscribing for a low monthly or annual fee. I plan to provide some cool and engaging extras for paid subscribers. But much of the email newsletter itself will remain free.

Thanks much for checking in. I hope you stick around.

About Me

Publisher of the MTB Practice Lab. Skills coach at RLC Online MTB Coaching. Certified MTB coach (PMBIA & BICP - inactive). Longtime Mountain Bike Geezer blogger.

Husband. Dad. Grandpa. Citizen of Northfield, Minnesota, USA.


Griff Wigley
Publisher of the MTB Practice Lab. Skills coach at RLC Online MTB Coaching. Certified MTB coach (PMBIA & BICP - inactive). AKA the Mountain Bike Geezer. Husband. Dad. Grandpa. Citizen of Northfield, Minnesota, USA.