Science-based strategies to help you get better at practicing mountain biking skills
Yes, I can ride over sizeable boulders and logs, but I do it incorrectly. This means I can't do big or tricky ones
There are ways to make reflection fun, interesting, and beneficial for developing your mountain biking skills
Getting better at showing off is not only fun. It can make your mountain biking skills practice more effective
It's a handy phrase that can lead to problems when practicing MTB skills
It's usually hard to practice an MTB skill when you're new at it, bad at it, or stuck on a plateau
But "active, thoughtful, problem-solving" has its own rewards for learning MTB skills
No significant progress to report but the process is encouraging
Musical inspiration from Leonard Cohen for when you've hit the frustration barrier on developing your MTB skills
MTB how-to instructions identify the big chunks for you. But they sometimes miss the small ones